10 Top Christian Billionaires

While the direction of a Christian life is morally and spiritually rewarding, many people of Faith have also prospered economically. In fact, many of the world’s most prominent billionaires are Christians. These are 10 of the World’s Wealthiest Christians.

10: Stefan Persson ($19.6 billion)

Sweden’s wealthiest individual, Persson derives his fortune from H&M, a chain of inexpensive fashion outlets. The magnate is affiliated with the Lutheran church. The clothing lines the company sells tend to be simple, but elegant items consistent with Lutheran traditions.

9: Karl Albrecht ($25.9 billion)

The billionaire supermarket mogul became the wealthiest person in Germany from the humble corner started by his mother, Anna. Now called Aldi markets, the business grew out of the economic plight of World War II and the lean stores carried only 300 fast selling items. Now an international chain, Albrecht applies the frugal Catholicism to the company’s business practices that he learned from boyhood in Essen, Germany.

8: Walton Family ($34.1 billion)

Walton family members Rob, Christy and Alice derive their fortune primarily from Wal-Mart Stores. Founded by Sam Walton, the mega-corporation has a long history of religious ties to the community and the senior Walton once hired a former nun to oversee company policies. Known for devout faith-based leadership, Wal-Mart and the owning family members have Presbyterian affiliations.

7: Bernard Arnault ($41.5 billion)

The chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton line is a widely regarded French Catholic that rarely attends services. Despite the lack of consistent Sunday participation on his part, the luxury brand mogul believes in a strong religious upbringing. All of his children attend Catholic schools in Paris. In terms of a moral and religious fabric he reportedly said, “We believe it’s important to give them a religious upbringing because if you don’t, you’re forcing them not to have any religion.”

6: Charles and David Koch ($48.3 billion)

The Koch brothers have a long and controversial history on social issues, including religious institutions. Their religious background includes a great-grandfather, William Ingraham Kip, who was an Episcopalian bishop. The Koch’s brand of “economic liberty” and libertarianism has run afoul to the Vatican in recent years. But at the end of the day, the brothers donated nearly $13 million to Catholic University in recent years.

5: Carlos Slim Helu ($54.5 billion)

Born and raised in Mexico City by parents who were immigrants from Lebanon, the chairman of America Movil grew up in a devout Roman Catholic home. His parents were members of the Maronite Catholic sect and he reportedly helped finance and placed his children in the Legion of Christ schools in Latin America.

4: Mark Zuckerberg ($56 billion)

It wouldn’t be fair to say that Zuckerberg is 100 percent Christian, but he has taken some important steps toward God. The founder of Facebook and a household name due to his public social media rise to fame, Zuckerberg only recently heard to calling to God. Although he was formerly an outspoken atheist, his growing family commitments and Jewish upbringing have pulled him toward religious devotion. His wife, Pricilla, is a Buddhist and Mark began celebrating Christmas and Hanukah after denouncing atheism. He appears to be still finding his foothold with Christ, as he explores all three religions and has enjoyed a one-on-one meeting with Pope Francis.

3: Amancio Ortega ($71.3 billion)

The Spaniard co-founded Zara, a clothing and accessories retail company based out of Galicia, Spain. He is the embodiment of rags to riches who believes in staying true to his roots. His Fundación Amancio Ortega provides social aid to people in the Galicia. His charitable acts have made a tremendous difference in terms of health care, education and human suffering.

2: Jeff Bezos ($72.8 billion)

Considered the world’s third wealthiest person, Bezos is the innovative founder and CEO of Amazon. In many ways, Bezos’ religious affiliations have publicly taken a backseat to his e-commerce trailblazing. However, he is a Christian who utilizes deep moral guidance in the oversight of his business empire. At Amazon, Bezos empowered his workforce to compare the company’s leadership principles to Scripture.

1: Bill Gates ($86 billion)

Technology mogul, founder of Microsoft and the world’s wealthiest person has spoken on the record about the importance of what he calls the “moral systems of religion.” He and his wife, Melinda, have undertaken philanthropic causes through their charitable foundation and have raised their children in a religious fashion. They attend a Catholic Church as a family. Gates attributes his family’s work to help disadvantaged people as a form of “religious belief.” When asked directly about his personal faith, he said “the beauty of the world is overwhelmingly amazing, and there’s no scientific explanation of how it came about… I think it makes sense to believe in God.”

~ Christian Patriot Daily

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