Christian Hero John Chau – Martyred by Secular Lunacy

The murder of American Christian John Allen Chau made international headlines this month when tribesmen on a remote island in the Andaman Sea shot him with arrows. Mr. Chau’s body was unrecoverable because the Indian government doesn’t want to “disturb” the people who murdered him (or charge them with murder, for that matter).

John Chau was a martyr for the Christian faith. We applaud his courage and have nothing but sympathy for his family. But we cannot help but feel a sense of righteous anger toward the secular lunatics who got him killed.

A friend of John Chau’s said in a press release that the young man had wanted to visit North Sentinel Island – located about 850 miles off the east coast of India – to preach the Gospel to the Sentinelese tribe, ever since he was in high school.

God called Chau to that tiny island to share the love of Jesus and the message of salvation to a subsistence tribe that has had almost no contact with the outside world since the days of British colonialism. Which raises our first question about this issue: Why do we still have “uncontacted tribes” in 2018?

The short, cynical answer is so that college Anthropology professors can study our fellow humans as if they are zoo animals. This allows the professors and other virtue-signaling Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) to feel good about themselves, while consigning groups of our fellow humans to lives of constant misery and struggle, and ultimately, damnation.

Through their warped secularist worldview, they genuinely believe that remote tribesmen are “better off” if they are kept isolated and ignorant. As if penicillin, refrigerators and Bibles would not improve their lives.

The false 17th-century idea of the “noble savage” is still alive and well among the secular world. This is a fictitious idea that was fostered by European intellectuals that man is inherently “good” in his most natural state. Apart from modern technology, civilization and that “icky” Christianity, the native peoples of the world were just so darned noble!

This is obviously antithetical to the Christian view of man’s inherent sinful nature. These pro- “noble savage” intellectuals were the SJWs of their day, denying the reality of what Western explorers and colonists were experiencing in their encounters with indigenous tribes all over the world.

Dr. Diego Alvarez Chanca, the chief surgeon on Christopher Columbus’ voyages to the Caribbean, described their encounters with the native Canib tribe in his letters, which are housed at the Smithsonian Institute. His description of the Canibs is worse than anything Hollywood could conjure up in a horror film.

The Canibs kept captured teens and children from neighboring tribes as herd animals. Dr. Chanca wrote about finding a man’s neck cooking in a stew pot when they chased the Canibs out of a camp and rescued their slaves. “As soon as these women learned that we abhor such kind of people because of their evil practice of eating human flesh, they felt delighted.” The reason we have the word “cannibal” in the English language is due to Columbus’s encounters with the noble savages of the “Canib” tribe.

Here we are more than 500 years later, and Christians are still being murdered by remote tribesmen. Oh, but “We have to protect their indigenous way of life,” say the secularists. Why?

Here’s an experiment: Go camping in the woods, but don’t take your iPhone, don’t take any food and don’t wear any shoes. Report back to us in 30 days and let us know why that “way of life” is worth preserving. Scratching survival out of the dirt is not nearly as fun when you try it firsthand.

Oh, but “We have to keep them isolated because they might get diseases and die.” Says who? No one is suggesting that they be plucked out of the forest and dumped in a disease-ridden dump like Los Angeles. Contact and integration with modern society would obviously have to be gradual. Vaccinate them, educate them and slowly introduce them to the modern wizardry of ice cubes and indoor plumbing.

The entire Indian army could not have kept John Chau from getting on that island, because our everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth, sent him there. It’s too bad that he had to die at the hands of people running around in the forest with bows and arrows, just so modern secularists can cling to their 17th-century ideas.

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