More Satanists in Hollywood – Surprising Exactly No One

We don’t mean to continue picking on Hollywood for its anti-Christian animus. It is extremely low-hanging fruit, after all. But as long as Hollywood as an “industry” continues to poke everyday Christians in the eye with its amoral nihilism and insisting that the culture be remade in its filthy image, we will continue pointing that out. And this week offered some remarkable reminders of just what Hollywood is.

At the Golden Globes award show, the very ironically-named actor Christian Bale gave thanks to Satan for inspiring his portrayal of Dick Cheney in the movie Vice. The Golden Globes, for those who don’t know, is another pointless Hollywood awards show where Hollywood people give each other awards for making each other feel special. The actresses – including many who complain about the unwanted sexual advances of people like producer and Clinton donor Harvey Weinstein – dress themselves up using string and tape and then pose half-nude for the cameras, insisting that they are strong women who are not to be sexualized.

Bale’s admission that Satan inspired him to portray the former vice president was an incredibly honest moment for Hollywood. Usually it’s the other way around and the actors pretend to thank God for inspiring them to pretend they’re the Marquis de Sade or a serial killer.

Were audiences clamoring for a movie about the life of Dick Cheney? He was a policy wonk in Washington, DC for 40 years. While Cheney is somewhat interesting as a successful public official, he led a pretty ordinary life, never served in the military, stayed married to the same spouse for decades and, aside from a couple of DUIs in his college days, was never involved in any major scandal (unless you count media conspiracy theories about Halliburton).

There was certainly no movie-worthy drama or action in Cheney’s straightforward life. Newly-elected Congressman Dan Crenshaw was a Navy SEAL who lost his eye in the so-called War on Terror. Where’s his movie? George HW Bush was the youngest naval aviator in American history and was shot down by the Japanese and rescued by a submarine in one of his combat sorites. How about a movie about his life? Instead, Hollywood chooses to make a movie about the policy wonk Cheney.

The reason, of course, is to rewrite history and paint Dick Cheney as a villain. Everyone we’ve talked to who knows Dick Cheney describes him as kind, generous and a bit boring. Yet Hollywood recreates his life according to its own conspiracy theories, paints him as a villain and then the actor portraying Cheney thanks the devil for inspiring him. Thanks for nothing, Hollywood.

When Hollywood isn’t attempting (and failing) to entertain us, it is meddling in American politics to drive Christianity from the public sphere. Bigshot Hollywood Democrat Edward Buck – a personal friend of and max donor to Hillary Clinton – is in the headlines again this week. The reason? Yet another dead black male prostitute was found in Buck’s Hollywood apartment.

One can’t help but notice in the current #MeToo era that all of the Hollywood actors and bigwigs being indicted for sexual crimes are actually being indicted in New York and other states. That’s because the corrupt legal system in Hollywood and the greater Los Angeles area has a strange arrangement with the movie industry.

Police and paramedics were called to Ed Buck’s apartment last year when a dead black male prostitute overdosed in his apartment. According to a journal left by the victim and accounts from several acquaintances of Buck, he likes to shoot black male prostitutes full of drugs and watch them flop around in his apartment.

Everyone in LA was left scratching their heads a year ago when Buck wasn’t charged with a crime after killing that previous victim. Now that another dead black man has turned up in his apartment in the exact same circumstances, residents are protesting outside Buck’s building. We’ll see whether his Clinton connections pull him out of the fire a second time.

The inspiring news for the rest of us is that Christian films continue to draw big audiences and the faith-based films continue improving, even as Hollywood collapses from its inability to entertain people and its utter disdain for normal people. There are at least half a dozen new Christian movies slated for release in 2019, including a new animated Pilgrim’s Progress and the story of missionary Graham Staines, who shared the Gospel with India’s leper colonies. Sounds a lot more entertaining than a movie about a policy wonk, doesn’t it?

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