Pro-Life Support Grows, But Infanticide Bills Growing Faster

Although pro-life organizations are garnering support from the White House and rallies have swelled, the movement recently suffered a series of discouraging setbacks.

This year’s March for Life grew to more than 200,000 participants. Making that figure even more impressive is the fact that the rally is held during frigid weather in the nation’s capital every January.

During its 45-year history, the March for Life rally has rarely received the media exposure it did in 2019. Keynote speakers included icons such as Ben Shapiro, Alveda King, Abby Johnson, and Ally Cavazos. From the White House, Vice Pres. Mike Pence and Karen Pence made an appearance and shared a message directly from Pres. Donald J. Trump.

But despite the high-profile outpouring of support, and the growing number of attendees and media coverage, the Pro-Life movement has been hit by stinging losses and setbacks in state legislatures and the U.S. Supreme Court this year.

Chief Justice John Roberts Betrays Unborn Children

One of the critical political issues that put President Trump in office was his published list of conservative judges he promised to select from when U.S. Supreme Court openings arose. The president has held true to his word by nominating judges Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to the high court. The political fight was fierce and the price high.

However, President Trump secured the so-called conservative wing of the court many expect to dismantling the ruling that made killing unborn children legal in America — Roe v. Wade.

A recent case heard by the high court stunned pro-life advocates. A Louisiana law required abortion practitioners to have hospital admitting credentials at a nearby hospital in case something went wrong during a procedure. A lower court upheld the decision to protect the lives of women who go to sometimes unsafe or underprepared clinics.

But what was particularly startling was that U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts changed his often pro-life position and sided with the liberal wing.

The move was stunning because Roberts had ruled on the pro-life side of an identical Texas law in 2016. Although the preliminary ruling by the court only postpones a full hearing on the issue, pro-life supporters anticipated Roberts would remain consistent with his own track record of defending life. His shift stings of betrayal.

“If the doctors can obtain necessary admitting privileges during the 45-day transition period, then the doctors could continue performing abortions at the three clinics both during and after the 45-day transition period, as envisioned and predicted by the Fifth Circuit,” Justice Kavanaugh wrote.

“And in that circumstance, the Louisiana law as applied would not impose an undue burden under Whole Woman’s Health.”

Both of Pres. Trump’s appointments ruled pro-life in the 5-4 minority.

Wave of Infanticide Legislation Swells

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed perhaps the most unholy law created in recent history and then boasted it allows women to snuff out a child’s life up until the moment of birth.

The new law is like Roe v. Wade on steroids, and otherwise perfectly healthy babies can be killed just before seeing the light of day as long as the abortionist claims a “reasonable and good-faith judgment” is made to protect the mother’s health. The language of code for infanticide.

Fallout from the law has already begun, the state of New York recently dropped a murder charge against a man who killed a pregnant woman. Until the infanticide laws passed, when a pregnant woman was murdered, the assailant faced double-murder. However, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown recently dropped one count against Anthony Hobson who is accused of stabbing his pregnant girlfriend to death.

Compounding the major fight for life setback, other states are also pushing forward legislation aimed at going even further than New York. In Virginia, Gov. Ralph Northam initially came under fire for saying that he supports a bill that would allow for baby killing even after birth. The infanticide legislation prompted a whistleblower to out Northam as a racist who adorned blackface.

In Rhode Island, progressive Democrat Gov. Gina Raimondo is pushing infanticide legislation similar to New York. She has strong ties to abortion money and organizations such as Planned Parenthood.

In Vermont, a bill with 80 co-sponsors would declare that an unborn child has no rights whatsoever. This extreme measure goes well beyond the infamous Roe decision that says the child’s rights are evident as he or she becomes viable outside the womb. The Vermont bill even promotes and protects the act of self-aborting a child.

As the Pro-Life movement gains more support, it appears extremists are determined to push through the most heinous infanticide laws ever imagined. The time to engage in peaceful protest, support pro-life organizations and making your voice heard by politicians has never been more critical. Lives depend on it.

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