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Does God Want You to Be Happy?

People with religious conviction often have dogmatic—and sometimes polarizing—answers for basic questions. For example, “Does God give us more than we can handle?” or “Did God choose to give me cancer?” These questions can be deeply personal and require carefully considered responses. People who believe in God want to believe certain things are true about … Continue reading “Does God Want You to Be Happy?”

Soaking Prayer: The New Age Practice the Church is Trying Out

The church is being inundated with new age, mystical practices and instead of rejecting them, many are embracing them. One of the primary reasons this is happening is that pastors are deceived into thinking that these practices are in line with Scripture. Some pastors like Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, CA, go so … Continue reading “Soaking Prayer: The New Age Practice the Church is Trying Out”

Shhhh! Transgenderism Is 100% Medically Treatable

We’ll probably get arrested for hate speech for mentioning this, but as Christians we must stand for truth: The mental illness of transgenderism is 100% medically treatable. The headlines are filled with news stories about transgenderism on a daily basis now, and the tone of the coverage reveals the intent. Transgenderism is perfectly normal, so … Continue reading “Shhhh! Transgenderism Is 100% Medically Treatable”

Catholic Church to Excommunicate NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

High ranking Catholic clergy and parishioners are calling for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to be excommunicated from the church after pushing through one of the most murderous abortion laws in American history. On the 46th anniversary of Roe v Wade that legalized killing unborn babies, Gov. Cuomo seized the political opportunity and opened the door … Continue reading “Catholic Church to Excommunicate NY Governor Andrew Cuomo”

Leaked Docs Show Google Employees Pushing to Get Rid of the ‘Homophobic’ Word ‘Family’

Internet search engine giant Google continues to move to the radical left at breakneck speed, and traditional families appear to be its latest target. Information has already been reported that decision-makers at Google — owned by Alphabet Inc — are actively working with China to develop a totalitarian product that will help Communist hardliners monitor … Continue reading “Leaked Docs Show Google Employees Pushing to Get Rid of the ‘Homophobic’ Word ‘Family’”

The 7 People You Probably Trust More than Your Pastor

A new Gallup Survey published in December shows that our country’s opinion of clergy has fallen to a record low. Specifically, on a list of widely-held professions, Americans—including those who identify as Christian as well as those who do not—rate clergy as number eight in terms of “honesty and ethical standards.” According to the survey, … Continue reading “The 7 People You Probably Trust More than Your Pastor”

Oregon Pushing Creepy In-Home Surveillance of All Newborn Babies

“I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they shall never hold their peace day or night.” (Isaiah 62:6a) Liberal lawmakers in Oregon have declared an “emergency” upon discovering the growing problem that parents are taking care of their own newborns – in their own homes – without intervention by government agents. Senate Bill … Continue reading “Oregon Pushing Creepy In-Home Surveillance of All Newborn Babies”

Karen Pence’s New Job Riles Leftists

Second Lady Karen Pence has ruffled feathers by deciding to accept a part-time job as an art teacher. The reason? The school where she now works—Immanuel Christian School, a K-8 private school in Springfield, Virginia—prohibits its employees from living an LGBT lifestyle. But more than that, the school requires all of its applicants to agree … Continue reading “Karen Pence’s New Job Riles Leftists”

Joyce Meyer Admits Her Views on Prosperity and Faith “Got Out of Balance”

Well-known television evangelist Joyce Meyer has delivered teachings and sermons around the world and has written over 100 books. Now the 75-year-old self-proclaimed evangelist says her beliefs in faith and prosperity were sometimes “out of balance.” She now understands that trials in life are not a direct result of someone having insufficient faith. Is this … Continue reading “Joyce Meyer Admits Her Views on Prosperity and Faith “Got Out of Balance””

Are These Popular Churches Really a Cult?

When most people think of cults, they think of the most infamous ones like, The People’s Temple led by Jim Jones or the Branch Davidians led by David Koresh. In both of these cults, members experienced being the targets of serious brainwashing tactics and believed that their charismatic leaders were either hearing directly from God … Continue reading “Are These Popular Churches Really a Cult?”

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